Three Years Behind…

Three Years Behind…

Basic facts: Alex (last name kept for privacy), from Chicago Illinois, 17 when enrolled, 18 when graduated. Came as a Senior in age but an early Sophomore by credits earned.Alex suffered from anxiety when it came to school work. He had attended highly reputable schools and then home-based distance courses when he became dissatisfied with his progress in school. He came from a highly educated and highly successful family who wanted him to succeed but he had three years of work to catch up on.

He was referred to us by an educational consultant, Jeanette Spires, and took a very proactive approach to getting accepted and making the arrangements so he could attend. He was the first student we’ve had who actually made his own travel arrangements and bought plan tickets himself. He came with a great drive to succeed and a near desperation to repair his GPA and past academics.

Like most high school age students who have had problems academically, Alex struggled with math and algebra, and spent hours of extra time working with our math teacher. There are still marks on the wall under the whiteboard in our math room where Alex would sit for long periods working on equations while one foot tapped away!

Alex worked hard, stayed at the school during the summer terms, and kept his focus on not only graduating, but going on to college.

Alex graduated from Fieldstone in September of 2011 and is currently submitting applications to the colleges of his choice. Neither his GPA or his ACT scores will hold him back.