The Post-Graduate Year

Either Failure To Launch, Or A College Jumpstart!

What Happens After Graduation?

For most of our graduates, graduation from Fieldstone means they are headed off to college. For a select few, it means going to college, but not leaving Fieldstone!

For those students who choose to take their post-graduate year with us, Fieldstone becomes an excellent transition into college. They stay in the same home they stayed in through high school, but instead of attending Fieldstone, they attend Snow College classes.

College, But With Extra Support

Our post-graduate students are able to attend their first college classes while still having access to the teachers and tutors that made their high school career a success.

Not Just For Our Graduates

Even if you didn’t graduate from Fieldstone, you can still take advantage of our post-graduate year. Our post-graduate experience is open to new enrollments as well as our own graduates. All you need is to graduate from high school, and want to attend college while in a much more supportive environment than others get to enjoy!