As a highly specialized boarding school, we believe...



…that the large schools simply do not work for every student. Many students, and some potentially excellent students, simply need a smaller, more personalized solution to help them be successful. Other students need more work with family dynamics and parent relationships than they even do with schoolwork, and that simply cannot be done effectively as one of hundreds of students at a location. A change to a smaller environment, coupled with a solid boarding school structure designed to encourage appropriate growth creates a winning combination!

One-on-one help and good structure are essential when dealing with one of these boys or girls, and with it they thrive. With a solid academic victory under their belt, a deeper understanding of their personal learning styles, and experience with a structured environment, they graduate from Fieldstone Academy Boarding School with confidence and the ability to succeed in college and in life.

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…that many behavior problems with teenagers, especially fighting with parents, begin with a failure in the classroom. Instead of taking pride in their successes, they are frustrated by their failures and either stop trying or start fighting with those who are trying to encourage them. Without help, they are lucky to graduate and often damage family relationships. We believe that with appropriate structure and an increase in personal attention in a boarding school environment we can help many who would not have succeeded otherwise.


…that many, if not all, learning disabilities, are accelerated by large class sizes and inflexible systems. Our boarding school’s system is flexible by design to accommodate those who would not succeed any other way. For those students who do not have learning disabilities, that flexible system means opportunities to improve and even begin working on college courses while in high school.

Our system also works very well for those who have the obstacle of not speaking English as their first language. Most of our teachers speak second languages, and all are sympathetic to the struggle of learning a new languages.


Fieldstone Academy focuses on comprehension. This means that we will take the time to make sure a student has what they need with a subject before moving on from it. For some students, that means that they will work on what we call “holes” in their education for their first little while with us. Often, a student has been pushed on from one topic to another in a larger school system–without truly understanding what is going on. We spend the time to make sure students have a solid foundation, and they progress much more quickly and smoothly from then on.

We start at the basics in math and in reading and then move on to more advanced subjects. It does us no good to try to teach algebra, for example, if they do not know multiplication and division! Once they have mastered or re-mastered the basics, we move on to the subjects they should be studying.

Our students benefit from positive peer pressure from their peers already in the school. They learn very quickly that following the rules in boarding school means increased privileges while disobeying means negative consequences.