Fieldstone Academy Partners

Boarding School Partners

Boarding schools across the nation refer students to Fieldstone Academy. They choose to partner with us for some of the following reasons:


1. Students who do not fit their profile…yet. Sometimes students do not have the grades or the necessary skills to go to one of the large boarding schools. Instead, they refer them to us for a school year of academic recovery and analysis. After the year at Fieldstone is over, they can try again to enroll in their chosen college-prep boarding school.


2. Students who have fallen behind. College-prep boarding schools have appropriately high standards. There are times when students fall below those standards, and they need to step away for a school year and work on their skills.


3. Students who just aren’t a good fit for a large boarding school. Even though a student may sincerely want to go to a large boarding school, it doesn’t mean that it is right for every student. They may refer students to Fieldstone to allow them to have a boarding school experience–even if it isn’t their own.

What Happens Next?


For students who meet the first two profiles above, Fieldstone will serve them proudly for a school year, and then encourage them to attempt to return to their first choice school.


They go with our blessing, and with an analysis we prepare for them to show to their chosen boarding school.