Location, Location, Location

A Location With Everything We Need!

Set in a beautiful valley in the majestic Rocky mountains, Richfield is the perfect example of a small town. It is a place for our students to relax, work on school, and then play in the out of doors between classes and on weekends.

Richfield is known as a destination for the ATV riders, and hunters and fishers of all shapes and sizes. There are National Parks and National Forests within only a couple hour’s drive, along with many other unofficial natural wonders.

Our students hike, mountain bike, fish, and visit some of the most picturesque views in the world. They get to enjoy four true seasons in our beautiful valley. It is a place where people wave to strangers and breaking down on the highway means meeting new people who stop to help!

Richfield is set in almost exactly the middle of the state, with St. George at one end, and Salt Lake City at the other. It is close enough so we don’t have to go without anything, and far enough away that we can truly breathe away from the hustle, bustle, and pollution of the bigger cities. It has a Walmart, some fast food restaurants, two excellent steakhouses, and a movie theater. It is surrounded, almost literally, with farmland and hills before we get to the mountains.