The History and Mission of Fieldstone Academy

History of Fieldstone Academy Boarding School

Fieldstone Academy began in 2004 as a very small ranch-based facility working with those kids who needed extreme help in school and who simply could not cope with public schools.  Fieldstone has grown every year since its inception as satisfied parents have referred us to their friends and as our success stories have spread across the United States and the world.  Though no longer entirely ranch-based, our new campus offers many possibilities for working with the earth and with traditional livestock animals. Our new campus provides plenty of room for growth and development.

School Mission

At Fieldstone Academy Boarding School we recognize that exceptional students can achieve more with the correct atmosphere and the correct amount of help. Our mission is to provide an educational experience that exceeds that of public and private schools. In the process, we provide small class sizes, intensive classroom help, and after school tutoring when needed. Our teachers employ hands-on and progressive teaching techniques that allow them to reach and teach any student. A strategic use of technology assures that our students will be able to transition to higher education and the work force without hesitation.