Fieldstone Dance!

We had a lot of fun a couple Saturdays ago when we hosted a dance at the school! I went around and religiously took pictures, of course, but then made the mistake of letting one of the students handle the camera for awhile!

All pictures accidentally deleted…

Of course we will not mention any names in this horrible crime against this blog post; however, on an entirely different topic, our thanks to Logan for his help at the dance! 🙂

Everyone had a good time and we had a pretty good turnout from the community. Of course, we only advertised it for a total of two days before we had it, so we didn’t expect too much.

Our students wanted to have the dance nonetheless, and it was a lot of fun. We had a great DJ who came all the way from Utah County, and even the decorations were perfect (we left some of them up just for fun.)

We look forward to an even better dance next time, but this was a great start!