Family Skills

Family Skills Continue…

Our students live in a family home, with their classmates and teammates as their roommates. Our house parents have raised high school students of their own and now generations of boarding school students. Our students get to live in a family atmosphere where they help with the household chores, talk with their house parents about their day, and eat around a family table at dinner and at breakfast. They get to continue to work on their family relationship skills while here, which is a huge benefit to their development into mature adults.


Where food comes from…

Our students don’t eat at a cafeteria, or from a vending machine. Instead, they eat home-cooked meals cooked by their home parents, typically around a family table for dinner. Home cooking made with grass-fed beef, mostly our own eggs, our own pork, and typically our own milk from our own cows. Students get a healthy sense of where food comes from, and the value of fresh ingredients and real cooking.

The family atmosphere provides security and comfort for our students, as well as a chance to enhance and hone their relationship skills. They learn to interact with their roommates as they would siblings, and participate in family dinners, Sunday pot-luck with the staff and their families, and have chores they do to take care of their home.

Fieldstone truly becomes their home away from home, and they get so comfortable they hardly want to leave when they graduate!


Our students have the opportunity to stay in a family home instead of a dorm. They get real-time help with their family relationship skills, and their relationships with their classmates and roommates.

This means that they get a lot of help with the most important parts of life, and it also limits Fieldstone to a very small and intimate student body.

No big dorms, no students being forgotten or passed over.