1:3 Teacher To Student Ratio


Fieldstone Academy is a boarding school that focuses on a flexible academic system that helps both struggling students and those who want to move more quickly than the norm. Extremely small class sizes and excessive amounts of tutoring and one-on-one attention are how we do what we do.

Instead of a large boarding school with hundreds of students, Fieldstone keeps its population extremely small to provide the ultimate attention to each student. Students also have the opportunity to enjoy ranch activities, home cooking, a family atmosphere, and the charm of a small town.

Our model has provided spectacular results in students from around the country–which is the reason we typically receive students through referrals.

When parents start looking for help for a child, they typically find either at-risk youth programs or  boarding schools with high admissions requirements and large student populations.

We are neither.

Fieldstone is a an intentionally small boarding school that focuses on the individual needs of the student. We use a flexible academic system that allows us to help those students who need more help, and allows us to push those students who can achieve great things while still in high school–including completing some college courses.

We even accept the kids whose GPA needs work. We work with those students who need extra help in order to be successful, or who want to progress more rapidly than their current schools allow.

Add in the fact that our students live in a family home instead of a dorm, and receive a lot of personal attention as well as ranch activities and animal interactions, and you have an environment where students thrive!


His/her grades were fine, but then they went downhill.


This is often most obvious in math. Students who did fine in Elementary School, started Middle School, and things started to go wrong. Usually, that is when students miss a concept in math, and the class moves on. They likely pass the class they are in, but they don’t know how to move forward. They continue in school, but they now have at least one class that is INCREDIBLY stressful. The thrill of learning is gone, and suddenly there are problems getting them to go to school at all. Behavior problems typically come along for the ride.

Things just aren’t working out at home.


When we speak on the phone with a parent, we hear about kids who are truly wonderful individuals. We hear about kindness, talent, work ethic, and humor. The second half of the conversation has to do with the issues that have come up. Fighting with a step parent is a common topic, or troubling friends that are popping up. Sometimes home isn’t the best place for them, though it would be nice if it were!

We don’t think he/she will ever get through high school.


This is an extremely common comment. We have had students come to us as Sophomores who should be Seniors, Freshman who should be Juniors, and others who had no real high school credits to speak of. We’ve seen GPAs that start with a 0, instead of a 1,2,3 or 4. With us, those same students progress in school and graduate with us. Not only that, but they succeed in college as well. Their GPA improves because of new classes and retaking classes they’ve failed. They succeed because we go back to the basics, fill in holes and gaps, and then push them to finish their classes faster than they would at a larger school.


Our Fieldstone Academy faculty members tutor struggling youth in their schoolwork, and are able to give them a tremendous amount of one-on-one attention daily. Often we find that the best teaching situations happen even outside of the classroom. This is when failing students succeed and good students become excellent! We focus on building relationships to the point where our students are willing to allow us to help them with their problems.

Nowhere will you find a place where your child will find more support and structure to accomplish their goals than at Fieldstone Academy boarding school.