Devil’s Sandbox

Devil’s Sandbox

We have been enjoying an extended fall season this year, and we have been taking advantage of it! One of the favorite field trips recently has been to a place called Devil’s Sandbox.

The name isn’t flattering, but the scenery is amazing and the view is breathtaking. It is north of Bryce Canyon National Park, but really it is a stand-alone example of how beautiful our state is.

Devil's Sandbox2

For reference, you can see our 15-passenger van and some of our students in this picture.

The other fun part of it is that climbing to the top requires a lot of effort, but no serious climbing equipment, so the willing are rewarded with some spectacular views!

Devil's Sandbox3

In December in Utah, and still outside like this! Amazing.

Devil's Sandbox1

This cube is something the boys found. It is nearly a perfect cube of stone but without tool marks…interesting!

Devil's Sandbox5