Another Success Story!

Okay, for this story we bring up a truly exceptional young man-in more ways than one! Angel came to us as a young man with extreme trouble with concentration and focus. Acronyms like ADD and ADHD were used early and often before he came to us.In class, he had serious problems concentrating for more than […]


We had a few rabbits/bunnies for awhile here at the school, and I believe we still do! Meaning that the students loved them but weren’t perfect at keeping them in their hutch! I assume we will see some of their children come spring running around the horse pasture!

Just a good picture!

A group of students, young and old, and the little boy of one of the staff members! Just hanging out.

Devil’s Sandbox

We have been enjoying an extended fall season this year, and we have been taking advantage of it! One of the favorite field trips recently has been to a place called Devil’s Sandbox. The name isn’t flattering, but the scenery is amazing and the view is breathtaking. It is north of Bryce Canyon National Park, […]

Fieldstone Dance!

We had a lot of fun a couple Saturdays ago when we hosted a dance at the school! I went around and religiously took pictures, of course, but then made the mistake of letting one of the students handle the camera for awhile! All pictures accidentally deleted… Of course we will not mention any names […]