Why choose Fieldstone Academy Boarding School?

Why Choose Fieldstone Academy Boarding School?

What’s The Difference?

Most of our students have anxiety issues of one kind or another.

They are worried about school, worried about being successful in life, and they know that their current situation isn’t going to work for them.

We combat that with family living instead of dorms, small class sizes instead of large, and a huge amount of one-on-one attention.


We don’t have any admissions people. When you call or text, you’ll be talking to the school director. No delays, no rolls of red tape.

Our admissions process is incredibly simple, and it starts with a phone call, a contact form, or an application. We’ll need some information about your student and we’ll answer all of your questions. If we all agree that it’s a good fit, we’ll send you some paperwork, and we’ll start working on travel plans. We often go from first contact, to arrival in under a week, anytime during the year.

If you would like to talk about financing, we can discuss that as well!

Some students come to us for a month or two, while others will stay and graduate with us.

Contact us today to see if there is an opening!

Call the school director at 801-419-6266 or submit an application by filling out the online application.