Why choose Fieldstone Academy Boarding School?

Applying to Fieldstone Academy



Once he/she is accepted, your child will enter a family-oriented, structured, caring environment where many before them have blossomed and thrived – not only in school work, but also as the young people they should be.

Let’s begin today!

Call us at 435-633-5326 or submit an application by clicking below. The first formal step in our admissions and scholarship process is our online application, which you can access here.


Many places offer help for behavior, and many more offer to educate your child. We are the best place for him or her to get structure, discipline, and academics–all at the same time.

The person you will talk to on the phone is not just a salesperson. You will be talking to one of the people who will be working with your child while they are enrolled. We are not a large, impersonal organization, but are instead family based and run.


We continually enroll students throughout the school year as we are needed. Please contact us today to see how we can help your child.

Call us with any questions at 435.633.5326


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