Academic Boot Camp

An Excellent Mix of Summer Fun and Intensive Academics

Excellent Use of Summer Days

Our academic boot camp is a month-long intensive boost to a child’s academics. They spend the morning on either Math, English, or History with our renowned teachers, then spend the afternoons out on the ranch riding horses, herding cows, mending fences, and getting dirty!

It is an excellent mix of productivity and old-fashioned fun.

Camping, Bonfires, National Parks

Fieldstone is almost literally surrounded by National Parks and Forests. Richfield is known for being a haven for those who love the outdoors. There is world-class lake and stream fishing, trails to hike, and breathtaking scenery to enjoy.

Memories To Treasure

Only a very small percentage of kids these days get to experience time out on a ranch, playing with animals and working until it gets dark. They’ll never appreciate showers as much as after a day wrestling calves and fixing fences. In a month they’ll be able to forever banish the stigma of being a “city” kid!

Session Dates:

June 3-July 1

July 8-August 5

Camp Fees:

5,100 per session

10,000 for both sessions

What Is Fieldstone?

A micro boarding school like Fieldstone is, by definition, a traditional boarding school that operates with far fewer students than the traditional. While these schools are college prep, they have lower admissions requirements than the traditional schools and have less costly tuition and entrance fees.

In our summer programs, our students get to mix intensive academics and the enjoyment of the natural wonders that surround us.