The Problems We Solve:

We know that what you are looking for is not a typical boarding school. There are hundreds of those, and we don’t do the same things they do. They do great work with their kind of students, but they don’t do well with our kind of student. Our typical student needs more help than a larger school is able to give. Our students come with a background in anxiety and frustration in school. They have huge potential, but they need more help to unlock it.

We provide that help, and we take away the frustration and a lot of the anxiety.


We know you are looking at multiple schools if you’re looking at our website. So, to clarify what makes us different than the rest of the schools you are looking at, here’s the short list:

  • Focus on Academic Recovery, helping those students who have fallen behind
  • Family living environment
  • Ridiculously small classes (2-3 average per class)
  • One-on-one attention from teachers and staff
  • Working ranch experiences (cows, horses, chickens, fences to fix, etc.)

We’re the best at what we do, and we have years of happy students and parents to show that we do a very good job.

If you’d like to know more, we would love to talk with you over the phone.


Fieldstone Academy focuses on comprehension. This means that we will take the time to make sure a student has what they need with a subject before moving on from it. For some students, that means that they will work on what we call “holes” in their education for their first little while with us. Often, a student has been pushed on from one topic to another in a larger school system–without truly understanding what is going on. We spend the time to make sure students have a solid foundation, and they progress much more quickly and smoothly from then on.

We start at the basics in math and in reading and then move on to more advanced subjects. It does us no good to try to teach algebra, for example, if they do not know multiplication and division! Once they have mastered or re-mastered the basics, we move on to the subjects they should be studying.

Our students benefit from positive peer pressure from their peers already in the school. They learn very quickly that following the rules in boarding school means increased privileges while disobeying means negative consequences.