Boarding Schools vs. Therapy Programs

About Fieldstone Academy

Fieldstone Academy is a boarding school that focuses on those kids who need more help than they can get in public schools or the typical boarding schools. Instead of a large boarding school with hundreds of students, Fieldstone keeps its population low to provide the ultimate attention to each student. Students also have the opportunity to enjoy ranch activities, family atmosphere, and the charm of a small town. This type of school that is not also a behavioral at-risk youth facility is rare. Those who are not military schools are even more rare!

Some of our students, for example, would not be allowed in a traditional boarding school due to sub-par grades in the past. We focus on correcting those academic problems, instead of focusing on the times the student has not performed.

Our model has provided spectacular results often enough to give us the reputation we enjoy.


When parents start looking for help for a child, they typically find either at-risk youth programs or college-prep boarding schools with high admissions requirements. At-risk youth programs do excellent work with young people who have serious drug or crime-related issues, or serious behavior issues. Teens who need serious therapy or drug rehab desperately need a program.

We are a different format entirely.

We are not the place where the hard-core kids go for therapeutic help, nor do we reject kids who have lower GPAs. We work with those students who need extra help in order to be successful, or who want to progress more rapidly than their current schools allow. Our end goal for all our students is a college education, and often we are the only way our students would be able to make that goal a reality.

Add in the fact that our students live in a family home instead of a dorm, and receive a lot of personal attention as well as ranch activities and animal interactions, and you have an environment where students thrive!




One: Students who need a bigger challenge academically.

Often we enroll students who have simply become bored with school. These are students who are doing well or okay in their current classes, but who should be doing far better. A typical student in this category is not longer excited about learning. School is not a challenge to them and often becomes a simple chore without reward. These students are able to do very well at Fieldstone with added flexibility, variety, one-on-one help, and personal attention.

Two: Students who have fallen behind–even seriously behind–in school.

We have had students who were a year or more behind that later graduated and are currently very successful in college. On average, these types of students enter our school with an average GPA of 1.6. They leave with an average GPA of 3.1. This same group of students has an average college GPA of 3.59–and this from young people who might not have graduated high school! In this area we also see our transition students, who have completed a therapeutic program or wilderness program, and now need help with making up the work they have missed.

Three: Students who need a different environment in which to thrive.

We see many students come to us who are doing fairly well in school, but simply need a better environment that what they have at home. This can be due to distractions due to friends or even family situations. We provide a beneficial environment for students who need to finish school in a place that is conducive to learning and progressing.



Our Fieldstone Academy staff members tutor struggling youth in their schoolwork, and are able to give them a tremendous amount of one-on-one attention daily. Often we find that the best teaching situations happen even outside of the classroom. This is when failing students succeed and good students become excellent! We focus on building relationships to the point where our students are willing to allow us to help them with their problems.

Nowhere will you find a place where your child will find more support and structure to accomplish their goals than at Fieldstone Academy boarding school.