An excellent “Step up” option for those getting bored where they are! A new experience for those tired of the typical. Excellent “Step down” option for students who have graduated from wilderness programs and RTCs. Home cooking meets academic success and college credits.


If you are reading this, it is likely that you graduated high school. It is also absolutely certain that a high school diploma was not what led to success in your life. A necessary component, yes, but it isn’t what makes you happy.

It was a starting point.

To be truly successful and happy in life requires a lot more skills than you learn in a typical high school. We all know that and joke abound about it.

So…what makes the difference?

You need to be able to work, to problem solve, to perform in a team, to express yourself with confidence and assertiveness, you need to be trustworthy and free from habits that will make you less than desirable as an employee or a boss, etc., etc. etc.

No public school or large boarding school is going to effectively teach those things because they can’t and even aren’t even allowed to. A private micro-boarding school like Fieldstone is the only place where you will find the results we offer.


We hear from parents all the time about students who are bright, intelligent, caring individuals who are simply not succeeding. They may succeed in school, but fail in family relationships. They may be great at home, but failing at school.

We hear all about students who are obsessed with smartphones, playing too many video games, so bored with school they don’t even hand in assignments, and parents who are shaking their heads watching huge potential be wasted.

Those young people need help truly living up to their potential not only as students, but as people. Our students don’t just move through high school, though they do that very well, they also work on what it means to be a contributing member of society and a part of a family. They learn to work, to push themselves, and to succeed in life.

We don’t just work toward graduation, because we know that’s only a minor milestone in someone’s life. Instead, we also work to prepare them for their next steps in life.

Our students come to us as true stars that are not yet acting like it!



Our students live in a home as a family, instead of in a dorm. They clean their rooms, they do chores, they go to class sometimes both during the day and in the evenings, they work with animals out at our ranch. They chase cows, ride horses, fix fences, dig holes, play with baby calves, and work HARD. They learn to work, to accomplish things, and to care about things other than themselves. They eat beef, pork, and eggs they helped raise, and drink whole milk they helped prepare.

You wouldn’t believe the tired smiles…


Schools like Fieldstone are also often used as a transition between a therapeutic setting like a therapeutic boarding school, RTC, and wilderness programs and their home. Now that they have their issues in hand, they can move on to work on their academic recovery, and on the life skills they so desperately need.



“It is so wonderful to see the maturity he is beginning to show. He is positive about school and it is wonderful to see him happy!!!!”




“I’m honored and amazed at the work you all do. Of all the helping profession we have been exposed to, nothing has been as helpful to us as Fieldstone Academy Boarding School has been in our time of crisis.”

– Parent



“(My child’s) progress at this boarding school is amazing, and I’m so thankful he has the ability to flourish in such a wonderful environment.”

– Parent



“Most of the people here are like family to me. They stand up for me and help me in school and help me with a lot of stuff. Personal and school. Knowing that I actually have friends like that in my life makes me smile. It really is such a wonderful feeling.”


  • A focus on the whole person–not just the diploma
  • Life skills training, not just in the classroom
  • Possible college credit, extra tutoring, ACT PREP, small class sizes
  • Family style, structured living environment with home cooking and activities
  • Work, accomplishment, pride, and self-respect the old-fashioned way


•   Values-based?
•   Able to turn around a student’s worsening academics?
•   Able to offer concurrent college courses?
•   Willing to take students even with imperfect grades?
•   Focused on the real skills a student needs for success?
•   Offering more than just classes and a diploma?


The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) serves as the accreditation commission for Advance-Ed. Together they serve as the accreditation authority for over 30,000 public and private schools in over 70 countries. As an accredited boarding school, Fieldstone is allowed to offer students and their parents certain benefits such as greater ease of transferring credits,  greater access to federal loans and scholarships, and the benefit of simply knowing that were are committed to student performance and accountability.

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