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Yes, There Is A Solution To The Problem…And We’re Enrolling For Fall!

Your student doesn’t fit the typical boarding school model. They have anxiety about school, some bad academic experiences, and a fair amount of frustration about finishing high school. They are very bright, intelligent, and have a lot of potential, but they do not fit the typical boarding school mold. Instead of being a positive for them, school is now what causes them stress, and may even be causing friction at home.

To combat the anxiety and the frustration, our students stay in a family home with house parents who are experienced educators and caring parents and grandparents. Our teachers work with students individually, adapting and augmenting their material to help their students.

Our classrooms are small, likely smaller than your office at work, and our class sizes are typically no more than 3 or 4 students.

For us, tutoring is something we do daily with each student. Other schools claim to focus on the individual, but we actually do it. We don’t even have a classroom big enough to fit the typical 30 students you’ll find in almost all other schools.

We use our 15-acre working ranch to let these kids relax, blow off steam, and learn to work in the old-fashioned ways. They get to know animals, get dirty, and learn to enjoy it all.

There are a lot of boarding schools out there, but only one like Fieldstone Academy.

We are now accepting applications for Fall Enrollment.

An activity at our small boarding school


“It is so wonderful to see the maturity he is beginning to show. He is positive about school and it is wonderful to see him happy!!!!”




“I’m honored and amazed at the work you all do. Of all the helping profession we have been exposed to, nothing has been as helpful to us as Fieldstone Academy Boarding School has been in our time of crisis.”

– Parent



“(My child’s) progress at this boarding school is amazing, and I’m so thankful he has the ability to flourish in such a wonderful environment.”

– Parent



“Most of the people here are like family to me. They stand up for me and help me in school and help me with a lot of stuff. Personal and school. Knowing that I actually have friends like that in my life makes me smile. It really is such a wonderful feeling.”


  • A focus on the whole person–not just the diploma
  • Life skills training, not just in the classroom
  • Possible college credit, extra tutoring, ACT PREP, small class sizes
  • Family style, structured living environment with home cooking and activities
  • Work, accomplishment, pride, and self-respect the old-fashioned way


•   Offering more than just a diploma?
•   Able to offer concurrent college courses?
•   Offering a unique and exclusive experience?
•   Willing to take students even with imperfect grades?
•   Focused on the real skills a student needs for success?


The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) serves as the accreditation commission for Advance-Ed. Together they serve as the accreditation authority for over 30,000 public and private schools in over 70 countries. As an accredited boarding school, Fieldstone is allowed to offer students and their parents certain benefits such as greater ease of transferring credits,  greater access to federal loans and scholarships, and the benefit of simply knowing that were are committed to student performance and accountability.

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