Home Cooking, College Course, Academic Recovery

Average student improves by 3 grade levels in testing ability in a 9 month stay, and gets along better with parents! Concurrent Enrollment courses allows students to earn college credit while still in high school.

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An Academic Recovery School

Excellent “Step down” option for students who have graduated from wilderness programs and RTCs. An excellent “Step up” option for those getting bored where they are! Home cooking meets academic success and college credits.

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Amazing Progress

“(My child’s) progress at this boarding school is amazing, and I’m so thankful he has the ability to flourish in such a wonderful environment.”

– Parent

Honored and Amazed

“I’m honored and amazed at the work you all do. Of all the helping profession we have been exposed to, nothing has been as helpful to us as Fieldstone Academy Boarding School has been in our time of crisis.”

– Parent

Worth Every Penny

“Based on the improvements in attitude and academics so far, it’s been worth every penny! Not to mention having my son supervised 24/7 is priceless!”

– Parent

Changing Lives

“Most of the people here are like family to me. They stand up for me and help me in school and help me with a lot of stuff. Personal and school. Knowing that I actually have friends like that in my life makes me smile. It really is such a wonderful feeling.”



  • Best place for students to catch up–even by entire grade levels!
  • Excellent improvement in parent and family relationships
  • Concurrent enrollment allows students to earn college credit while still in high school
  • Family style, structured living environment with home cooking
  • Very small class sizes designed for ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, and anxious students.

Looking For A School That Is...

•   Willing to take students even with imperfect grades?
•   Able to turn around a student’s worsening academics?
•   Able to offer concurrent college courses?
•   Proven with years of results?
•   Not a program or at-risk youth center?
•   A co-ed, structured environment?
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We help students who need more help than they are finding in their current school, whether they need more help preparing for college, or they need more help graduating from high school. We also help students who need help in their relationship with their parents, guardians, or siblings. Our small-town location and ranch activities also help students who simply need a fresh, naturally stimulating environment.

Many of our students have experienced a recent downturn in their grades, or have begun fighting with their parents about school and other topics. We hear about students who were once good, and have been getting worse instead of better. We are able to improve their performance through a lot of personal attention, our own educational system, and the removal of distractions.

Our boarding school accepts those students without perfect grades, who are unhappy with their preparation for college, or who would otherwise continue to head down a path from frustration to trouble. Once they are ready, students can enroll in concurrent college courses while still earning high school credit.

Fieldstone has been able to restore the dreams of young men and women who would not have been able to graduate high school, or who would have gone to college unprepared. We provide the personalized attention and time that each student needs to succeed.


At our boarding school, unlike most others, we help not only those with good grades, but also those who have been struggling in school and with their GPA. It is a common disconnect that those who need the most help academically cannot qualify to go to the places where Academics are the strongest. We fill that gap with those students who have not yet fulfilled their potential. Fieldstone is a private school where students can regain their academic promise and even earn college credit before graduation.

We are proud to be able to offer the opportunity for a high school diploma and a college education to those who may not graduate without extra help.

Our boarding school works to help our students achieve their full potential, no matter how far from it they are!



Schools like Fieldstone are also often used as a transition between a therapeutic setting like a therapeutic boarding school, RTC, and wilderness programs and their home environment. In the event that a student graduates from a therapeutic program and has shown obvious and real progress in their therapeutic issues, they can often be admitted into an academic or other small boarding school with lower admissions requirements.

They would seldom be accepted by a traditional college prep boarding school in this situation. These transition students would then be able to catch up in their school work before returning home, or graduate high school and go on to college. Often students are better off if they do not return to their homes if that is where their troublesome circle of friends reside, and small boarding schools are an excellent alternative to a bad situation.


Success is often built on a knowledge of trust. At Fieldstone Academy, trust is held in high regard. That’s why becoming a NWAC accredited boarding school was crucial. The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) serves as the accreditation commission for Advance-Ed. Together they serve as the accreditation authority for over 30,000 public and private schools in over 70 countries. As an accredited boarding school, Fieldstone is allowed to offer students and their parents certain benefits such as ease of transferring credits,  greater access to federal loans and scholarships, and the benefit of simply knowing that were are committed to student performance and accountability.

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